Groups meet in or near Ann Arbor and most have a set number of participants. To sign up for your free membership Click Here. To see when the groups meet Click Here

Tea Groups

International Neighbors began in a Tea Group over 60 years ago when an American lady invited international friends to her house for coffee and conversation. After that the international guests felt more at home in Ann Arbor, so many miles from friends and families in their own countries.

What makes a Tea Group special is the core group of friends who stay together year after year, welcoming a new group of guests each fall to join them at different hostess’ houses. Think of it as being part of a multi-generational family with grandmothers, young mothers and everything in between. Children are always welcome. And such strong friendships cannot break apart even in a pandemic.

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Reading Groups

Reading Groups focus on reading magazines, books, newspapers and online articles from local websites such as These groups meet twice a month. They are divided into low-intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced reading material. Some groups may include children.

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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups offer a wide range of activity groups, including Food Group (international cooking, vegetarian cooking, baking), Arts and Crafts (knitting, making music), Exercise/Fitness (3 hiking groups) and Excursions (Chat and Chew). Participants meet together in groups to cook, knit, make music, hike and eat dinner at local restaurants.

 All activities provide great opportunities for women to talk and make new friends. Groups meet weekly, twice a month or monthly. To see more details on the Special Interest Groups click here


Conversation Groups

Conversation Groups meet weekly to practice English, make friends and learn about life in Ann Arbor.  They are always fun, and everyone learns a lot!  During the Covid pandemic, we met on ZOOM, some groups will remain on ZOOM but most are back to meeting in-person, outdoors as often as possible.

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Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups meet once or twice a month to discuss topics or films. Meetings give women from around the world a chance to learn about each other and each other’s cultures. Discussions take place in the language of the group (English, French, German, and Spanish).

**Groups will meet in person or on Zoom. Most groups will alternate between these two options; adapting throughout the year, based on the recommendations of the Washtenaw County Health Department as well as on the preferences of group members. All groups require their members to be vaccinated for in person meetings.

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Cultural Encounters Group

All are invited to join our Cultural Encounters group now in its sixth year. Meeting for a two-hour program once a month, we feature a different culture with a lively discussion about what makes it unique and have a delicious sampling of food.

We learn from each other comparing the social aspects of our own cultures. How large a factor is community opinion versus individual choice? Is being on time important? What about authority and relationships? What is a typical wedding ceremony like? How are the people and nature connected in various cultures? Get the insights into all the dos and don’ts of our very unique countries, ask questions and broaden your world knowledge in a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Children are welcome. We will be meeting in person this year, however, should the Covid situation change, we will consider switching to Zoom.


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