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Founding Mothers

By Robyn

Founding Mothers cut our International Neighbors 60th Anniversary cake.

From left Shirley Axon, Frankie Simonds, Ann Staiger, Marilyn Maaseidvaag, and Helga Schacht.

International Neighbors has been lucky in our 65 years to be led by such a dedicated group of volunteers, many contributing well into their 80s and 90s! We appreciate our new young leadership but in this month’s issue of the IN Newsletter and during our Annual Membership Meeting, we pay tribute to the Founding Mothers that made us what we are today.

As the name implies, these ladies have been volunteering for IN since its foundation and we would like to make them known to our newer members. We are looking forward to honoring Frankie Simonds, Martha Bhatia, Barb Banet, and Jolanta Nowak at our 65th Annual Meeting and Lunch, later this month. Get to know these wonderful women in the next few articles highlighting their contributions to International Neighbors. Stop by during our luncheon to say hi to these ladies and to get to meet them personally.

Alas we recently lost some of our Founding Mothers. Articles highlighting the contributions of Marilyn Maaseidvaag, Shirley Wolfe, Shirley Axon, and Mary Munson are also presented in this month’s issue.

Founding Mother Frankie Simonds speaks at our 60th Anniversary.

Shirley Axon is on the left and Shirley Wolfe and Ann Staiger on the right.

Founding Mothers at the VIP table enjoying the IN Day Tea Party

From the left Barb Banet, Mary Munson, and Marilyn Maaseidvaag.

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