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Tea Groups

International Neighbors began in a Tea Group over 60 years ago when an American lady invited international friends to her house for coffee and conversation. After that the international guests felt more at home in Ann Arbor, so many miles from friends and families in their own countries.

What makes a Tea Group special is the core group of friends who stay together year after year, welcoming a new group of guests each fall to join them at different hostess’ houses. Think of it as being part of a multi-generational family with grandmothers, young mothers and everything in between. Children are always welcome. And such strong friendships cannot break apart even in a pandemic.

Tea groups are named after historic Ann Arbor Neighborhoods, but members of each group come from all over the Ann Arbor area. Please select all times that you are available to meet.

Help with transportation is available if needed. 

Ann Arbor Hills Tea Group
Second Wednesday, 11 am

Angell Tea Group
Second Thursday, 1:15 pm

Burns Park Tea Group
Second Thursday, 9:30 am

Wildwood Tea Group
Third Monday, 9:30 am

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Join a Tea Group
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