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Garage Sales

By Phyllis

Image by Andreas N from Pixabay

Garage Sales have their origin in the 1800’s when shipping companies sold unclaimed cargo in the shipyard. After that beginning, under the name rummage sales, they became a fundraiser for organizations such as schools and churches. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that these sales were held by individuals and/or communities. Architecture had a role in the change of name to garage sales, as many people moved to the suburbs into homes with attached garages. Many of the sales were held outside the garage, thus the name.

In the old days, sales often offered large items, like furniture. In its modern form, the garage sale usually offers used clothing, kitchen items, home goods such as sheets and towels, vases and other ornamental pieces. Of particular relevance is merchandise for kids – books, clothing, play items, and furniture such as cribs. Many young families are not well enough established to have the resources to buy new what their children need. In turn, the families selling these items may be a bit better off, but the sale allows for the purchase of other needed items for children as they grow or some form of entertainment like going out for dinner or to the theater.

At our next International Neighbors (IN) Day, on April 20, we will hold a garage sale, although there will be no garages in sight… and there will be no sales either. Bring anything you don't need or want anymore and, after lunch, people will be free to look through the items brought. Anything at our “sale” is free. Come and find your treasure while others find the treasures you brought. It will be a fun day of “shopping”!

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