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How to Join IN Groups

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

By Shirley

IN considers September the beginning of a new year (following the school schedule in the USA), but IN groups accept new members year round. Groups are not alike. We don’t follow a curriculum, which means that each conversation group, for example, has a different character. There are few rules regarding groups and there is nothing wrong with trying different groups. If you don’t like a group, go ahead and try another one. There is no limit on how many groups you can participate in, but choose only groups you intend to participate in. Each group has a limited number of spots open. When you choose a group, the leader will hold a place for you. If you are not serious, you may be keeping another member from being able to participate in that group.

In order to protect our members, IN is asking that all group participants be vaccinated against the Coronavirus. If you are sick, even if you think it is just a slight cold, please refrain from going to a meeting. We have several members who have health concerns. A little cough in one person, might develop into a serious illness in a person with a weak immune system.

To join a group, you must be a member of IN. If you haven’t registered yet, open an account on our website ( You can read “How to Sign Up on Our Website” for a detailed description of the process. If you are already a member, click LOG IN and sign on.

You can find information about each area and the groups in our article “2023/2024 Groups” or on the “Groups” page. Read this information before choosing a group. Once you choose a group you want to join, fill out the SIGN UP FORM which is below the description and submit it.

Your request will be sent to the group leaders, and they will contact you with a welcoming message and all the information you need (When is the first meeting? Where or how are we meeting? What book are we reading?). Of course, you need to make sure you don’t join more than one group scheduled for the same time. A few of the groups are full, but most of the groups are accepting new members.

If you still have questions or you would like to talk to a group leader, you can either email the area coordinator or you can come by our Open House on September 21st, from 1-2:30pm, at Zion Church, Gathering Room, on the second floor. See more information about the Open House here.

To contact an area coordinator:

Conversation Groups: Email Dale at

Discussion Groups: Lianne at

International Encounters Group: Maja at

Reading Groups: Carole at

Special Interest Groups: Melissa at

Tea Groups: Robyn at

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