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International Neighbors Art Fair: Giving thanks by giving a donation!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

By Martha B.

Cultural Encounters Organizers

International Neighbors held our first-ever Art Fair in October and it was wildly successful!! The event, open to all IN members, was organized by the Cultural Encounters group. According to the group coordinator, Maja R, there is no tradition of yard sales in Europe so this may have been a unique experience for some!

The Art Fair was unlike any other that you might have ever been to, in that there was NO pricing and NO sales. You might be asking: How did THAT work?

In advance of the event, IN members donated objects of art, including paintings, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, wood carvings, toys, games, and ethnic clothing. At the sale, nothing was priced. Being that IN charges no dues, it was a welcome opportunity for members to give a financial donation to “International Neighbors” and take home a free gift of her own choice from the splendid items at the Fair.

The committee is thankful to everyone who donated art and to the volunteer workers who set-up seven tables, helped with clean up, and made sure that what was not “adopted” was delivered to the appropriate charitable organization. We are especially grateful to our generous donors who collectively added $633 to the IN treasury.

We were thankful for the beautiful day and grateful that no one got hit by the black walnuts that kept dropping from the trees. If you were part of this magical event, we thank you for coming and hope you found something to take home that you will treasure. I know I did!

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