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October IN Day: Outdoor Art Fair, Saturday, October 9, 11am - 3pm

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

October IN Day: Outdoor Art Fair Saturday, October 9 11am - 3pm

The International Neighbors Cultural Encounters group is hosting an Art Fair event for all IN members and friends! The event will take place on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 from 11am to 3pm, at 2555 Devonshire Road, Ann Arbor. The Art Fair will serve as our October IN Day, giving friends a chance to gather safely outside while enjoying refreshments and having the opportunity to take home something special!

What can you expect to find at the event?

At the Fair, items will be sorted on tables by category. You may find souvenirs or clothing from a foreign country, international cookware, and/or cookbooks, games and toys for all ages, adult and children's books. Who knows what treasures lie ahead! For sure you will find things that are reflective of International Neighbors community – a true “Cultural Encounter”! We're sure there will be something at the Fair to pique your interests and/or fill your needs!

No sales, only donations! There will be no sales but every monetary donation you give will directly benefit the International Neighbors organization. If you would like proof of your donation for tax purposes, we suggest you provide a check written out to “International Neighbors.”

Ways to help

In advance of the Art Fair, anyone is welcome to contribute gently-used household items, quality books, toys, games, artwork (pottery, jewelry, paintings), and ethnic clothing. Please clearly mark your bag(s) of donated items with your name. You can drop your donation at the September 23rd IN Gathering, at Gallup Park or you can contact Martha at for a drop off location and time. All items should be delivered to the drop off location no later than October 8 (the day before the sale).

Another way to help would be to sponsor a table or take a turn sitting at a table for an hour, during the event. It will not only help us, but will be one way to rest your weary legs! If you are willing to help in this way please contact Martha at

Any IN member who has received a “pink form” in the mail is welcome to drop it off on the day of the Outdoor Art Fair. Save a stamp!

In accordance with current IN policy for large group events, all visitors and participants must be fully vaccinated to attend (children are exempt), as well as wear masks and keep a reasonably distanced.

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