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Reading Groups

By Carole

Four Reading Groups met this year, starting in September 2023.  They were:  Marian's and Carole's High-Intermediate group, Melissa's and Carole's Intermediate group, Adrienne's and Veronica's Advanced group, and Karen's Advanced group.  All groups this year seemed to have 4-12 members who joined fairly regularly.  There weren't many new members who joined this year again....perhaps 4-5.  The High-Intermediate and Intermediate groups met on Zoom and the two Advanced groups met in person.  Meeting on Zoom was definitely a benefit, since a few of the members lived out of town or outside the U.S.  This was definitely an advantage to reconnect with previous in-town members who had moved away from the Ann Arbor/Michigan area!

One leaders' meeting was held so far this year, on November 7th.  We met in person at a Panera.  Most leaders were able to attend.  We talked about the plans for the year.  It is hoped that we can meet again soon.

Announcements continued to be included in the Newsletters and other media, looking for new leaders.  Unfortunately, those who showed interest and visited groups, didn't pan out.

We were very happy to have Veronica visit our groups this year.  She was interested in our two Zoom formats and added some interesting and helpful input.  In the past, traditionally, this was part of the Vice President's responsibilities but I was very glad to have this aspect of the new president's "job" happen!  Thanks so much, Veronica!

Many, many thanks to all the dedicated and enthusiastic leaders who continued to meet again this year!  Our Reading Groups and International Neighbors, in general, wouldn't be able to continue without you!  You're all VERY TREASURED friends!!!

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