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Welcome to the December IN Newsletter!

Image by Annika Bitter from Pixabay

This month we are bringing back our popular Cookie Exchange during IN Day.

Cookies are without doubt enjoyed all through the year, but during the Holidays they become the stars of the dessert table. It is not just an American way of celebrating the season, many countries around the world have special sweets for the holidays. In fact, the IN Day Committee, the group which organizes each of our monthly gatherings, is hoping you will bring a taste of your country: French tuiles and palmiers, German springerle and pfeffernusse, sesame cookies from Vietnam, shortbread from Scotland, Austrian rugelach and Viennese almond crescents, sandbakelse from Sweden, and many others. We are eager (and hungry) to try all your offers.

If you have never participated in a cookie exchange, the rules are very simple: You bring a batch of your favorite cookies (organizers suggest at least one dozen cookies). All the cookies are set on tables. Once we have everybody’s dishes set, each person can go through the offerings on the tables and collect cookies from other members - a cookie exchange. It is helpful if you bring an empty container which you can use to store the cookies you are collecting and take them home. Yes, you are free to taste them at the party, but with so many cookies, you are encouraged to take them home to be shared with your family. Get the invitation to our IN Day here.

Image by Silvia from Pixabay

In the spirit of the Holidays, Robyn chose some delectable recipes from our Founding Mothers to be shared with our members. Try some of these recipes at any of your year-end parties. They will be a success! Get your recipes in “Celebrating the Holidays with Founding Mother Recipes“.

If you are new to the country, you might be feeling a little lonely and homesick. Gina writes of how her family overcame their isolation and found people to share the Holidays with in “Feeling Left Off During the Holidays: My Experience to Get Over It.”

The end of the year can be stressful and busy with the end of the school semester, gifts, parties, change in the weather, trips… you tell me! In the past, Shirley would often feel dizzy from all the stress just to find herself too anxious and overwhelmed to get in the Holiday spirit. She has developed an interesting way to cope with the stress which she shares in “The Shirley Show”.

If you are new to the country, you might be interested in some of the articles in our “Living in Ann Arbor” series. Here are some titles which might be of interest at this time of the year:

“Living in Ann Arbor: Social Gatherings”, by Melissa, gives you an explanation of what to expect when you are invited to a social event - the rules of American etiquette.

“Dressing for Cold Weather”, by Martha F., gives you an explanation of what you are going to need to face Winter in Ann Arbor. Important information if you just arrived in this country.

In “Preparing for Winter”, Shirley writes about the meaning of the various weather alerts and some tips to get your home ready for the winter.

Or you might be interested in “Driving in the Winter in Ann Arbor”, by Robyn. She describes how you should prepare your car and yourself for Winter driving.

Finally, this is your last chance! Our last reminder that you should sign up with our new website pronto! If you have not signed up by the end of the year, you will lose your membership with International Neighbors. You won't receive this Newsletter anymore nor other information coming from us. Signing up on our new website is free, and an easy way to keep in touch. Our new website address is

If you need a refresher on how to sign up for the website, read an explanation here. We don’t want to lose you! Sign up today!

Happy Holidays!

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