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Congratulations Graduates!!

We are thankful for your membership and participation!

By Carole W.

Image by Luda Kot from Pixabay

You may know that our members are divided into two groups: Newcomers and Neighbors.

You are a Newcomer if you just came to Ann Arbor (and this area) from another country and you have been here LESS than 3 years.

You are a Neighbor if you are from the U.S. or Canada OR if you have been here MORE than 3 years.

A few years ago, we started a new group called “Graduates.” They are Newcomers who have been here for 3 years. We “graduate” them into the Neighbors group at that time.

November is the month we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Around this time, we think about what we are thankful for. I thought it would be appropriate to tell our Graduates, our newest Neighbors, how thankful we are that you found International Neighbors, and how thankful we are for your participation, contributions and mostly for your friendship these past 3 years! You make IN a great organization! Congratulations and thank you so much!

We will acknowledge all Newcomers Graduates during the November IN Day “A Taste of Thanksgiving” gathering and we would like to invite all members to come congratulate your fellow graduate members.

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