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Cultural Encounters Group Learns about Hinamatsuri, Japanese Girls Day

by Robyn

What a delight when a new member brings something special to International Neighbors! Mika invited the Cultural Encounters group to her house to learn about Hinamatsuri, the Dolls Festival that celebrates girls in Japan every March 3rd. 

Mika’s daughter’s magnificent doll display was given to her by her grandparents. The dolls on the top row represent the Emperor and Empress, and the ones below are their attendants, musicians, and staff.  The dolls are displayed each year mid February to March 3rd and absorb bad luck, bringing health and happiness to girls. 

The group enjoyed a bountiful feast of traditional Festival foods (photos above), The pink, white, and green colors represent spring. Mika’s daughter made a traditional, local rice cake shaped like Michigan with a mold (photo below).

Mika also served four types of Japanese green tea, including matcha, the tea traditionally used in the Tea Ceremony. (photo below) 

And lastly new member Theresia from Indonesia was shown how to wear a lovely yukata. (photo below). 

Thank you Mika for sharing Japanese culture with your International Neighbor friends! 

Photos by Robyn and Maja.

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