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Frankie Simonds

By Robyn

International Neighbors has always benefited from the talents of its members, and this is particularly true of Frankie Simonds. She was first President in the 1970s as a young woman, and then, when we needed her, she became President again in 2001. Following a successful career as an educator and administrator, she was the force behind “Living in Ann Arbor”, the essential guidebook that was given to every international woman joining our organization. Frankie, with her meticulous eye, was editor in chief of several printed versions of the book which gave practical advice to our new members on everything from banking to childcare to social customs. Countless members credit the book with helping them settle in Ann Arbor. Those who returned to their home countries treasure the book as a memory of the time they spent with us. We now update specific LIAA articles on our website. And, without Frankie, we would not be able to meet at Venue for our 65th Annual Meeting and Lunch - she has once more stepped in and helped us book the restaurant.

Angell Tea Group, March 2023

First row: Frankie, Ann Staiger, Alice

Second row: Shirley, Moni, May, Sharon and Judy

Third row: Therese (behind May)

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