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How to Register on Our Website

By Shirley

To sign up for any of our groups, you must be registered and signed onto our website.If you haven’t signed up for a group in a while, you will notice that we have a new URL or address:

Accounts from the old website were not transferred to the new website, so you must register on the new website.

Fortunately, registering is very easy and straightforward:

  • Go to

  • You will see a big sign with the words “Join us Membership is Free” and underneath, a “Sign Up Here” link. Follow the link.

  • You will be directed to the “SIGN UP FORM” where you will fill in your information (name, address, etc). You will provide your email address which will become your used ID.

  • You must also choose a password which must contain at least 6 digits, letters or symbols. Make sure to either write down your password or have your computer save the password for you, since you will need it every time you log onto the site.

  • At the bottom of the form, you will find a little security box that asks you to check that you are not a robot. Once you check the box, a little test will be generated; follow the instructions to check the correct boxes.

  • Once you pass the test, you submit the form and you are all set to enjoy your new account.

Once you have logged onto the site, you will see a teal blue bar/box displaying your name and, underneath the box, links to: Your profile, current IN events, forum comments, forum posts, my account, settings and notifications.

Go to “My Account” and fill in what you would like other IN members to know about you. A little red lock will be displayed next to some of the information you shared with IN, like your email address or your house address. That information will not be shared with anybody else. Other information can be added or edited, so only the information you are comfortable sharing will be available. You can also add a photo of yourself by clicking the little camera symbol on the left upper corner of the teal blue box.

In “Settings” you can control how much notification you would like to receive about IN posts and the forum; you can also unsubscribe from the Newsletter (Blog) if you want.

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