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International Neighbors enjoy Ann Arbor Restaurant Week

By Robyn

Ann Arbor Hills Tea Group at Zola Bistro

Every January over 30 Ann Arbor Restaurants offer a special menu with reduced prices. It is called Restaurant Week and, this year, it ran from January 21-26. Ann Arbor is known for its excellent restaurants and diners from all over the area. Despite two snow days that week, International Neighbors groups enjoyed getting together for good food and each other's warm company.The Ann Arbor Hills Tea Group gathered Wednesday, January 24, at Zola Bistro for a jolly lunch. We missed Yen Ling who suggested the restaurant but couldn't get out of her driveway.

Pop-up event at the Dixboro Project

The next day, January 25, we had an amazing pop-up event at the Dixboro Project to which all International Neighbors’ members were invited to join, for an elegant three course dinner in a stunning setting. We had our own private room which made it easy for us to have conversation while enjoying the chef’s tasting menu. The steamed chocolate cake with whipped ganache mousse and a touch of gold leaf was a group’s favorite (see it pictured below).

Missed Restaurant Week this year? Sometimes there is one in the summer and we'll be sure to let everyone know. And  Restaurant Week will definitely be back next January or February 2025

Photo rights by Robyn and Shirley.

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