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Join us for FoolMoon and Festifools

Join us for some foolish fun at these two events: FoolMoon and Festifools.

FoolMoon is a nighttime event featuring luminary procession, light-filled art, Dj, dance and creative expressions. The theme this year is FoolBloom and you can expect all kinds of fantastical light filled flowers.

Festifools is a daytime parade featuring giant papier-mache puppets animated by University of Michigan students, crazy costumes, musicians and different kinds of creative people, from clowns to dancers to jugglers. The theme this year is Festifables.

We will meet at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea, on 123 W. Washington Street, and go from there to enjoy the event together. All family members are welcome! Yes, your husband, your son and daughter and their friends are all welcome. FoolMoon might be a little late for small children, but older ones will surely enjoy the event.

You can come to both or just one of them. Do what suits you!

To learn more about these events, read and look at some photos on our website.

Questions? Contact Shirley at

See you there!

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