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Library Services

By Shirley

As temperatures start going down, we are entering prime season to cultivate “hygge” - the Danish concept of “a cozy feeling that makes a person feel content and comfortable”*. Imagine an evening when it is cold outside, perhaps even snowing. You are at home with your family, fireplace on, and there is that happy moment when all the family is happy, warm, sharing good food and a fun time. Or you are by yourself during one of those relaxed, quiet “me” times, when you can enjoy the small joys of life, like a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

In order to enjoy these times without worries, it is better to have some things prepared in advance. Good food is always a plus, but so is entertainment.

Image by Aritha from Pixabay

One of the resources available to help you reach moments of bliss in your life, is the Library.

Obviously, you already know you can borrow books, DVDs and audiobooks but there is much, much more you can get through your city’s library. Each city library has a different catalog but you will be surprised to know that they contain much more than books.

Depending on the library, you can borrow a game for family night or you can spend some time exploring the Winter sky and constellations by borrowing a telescope. You might also be able to borrow a tool or a study or craft kit.

You can also borrow virtual material, like ebooks and audiobooks, without leaving your home - very nice when you decide you want to read a book late at night or you realize you forgot to borrow a film to entertain your little ones while a snow blizzard rages outside. For virtual materials, libraries might have partnered with different companies, but look out for Overdrive, Hoopla or Kanopy, the three most popular. Membership with these companies are included in your library membership, so you will have to download the app your library is partnered with and sign up using your library information. The Ann Arbor library also offers a streaming service so that you and your family can watch a movie together.

Libraries offer other services as well, like Story Time for little kids, Homework help for kids in primary school, and lectures, classes and book groups for teenagers and adults. It is worth looking into the offerings of your local library - especially since all services are free.

How do you get to enjoy such wonderful services? Easy, just get a library card!

To apply for a library card, you will need a current photo ID (like a passport or a driver’s license), proof of residence (Driver’s license, apartment lease contract or even just some mail you received that contains your name and address). Get more information at the links below!

Ann Arbor Library:

Ypsilanti Library:

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