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Martha Bhatia

By Robyn

Shortly after she retired from the University of Michigan, Martha became President of International Neighbors and the first to serve as president for three years. Her tireless energy and commitment to our organization were legendary: Using corporate models, she changed us from “hostesses” and “guests” to being all “international neighbors” with a three year newcomer period. After that, she revamped the bylaws too, the hope was that all newcomers would graduate to become neighbors and actively help other members. Martha has also long led the popular evening film group.

Only Martha could have turned her house move into an International Neighbors event. Hosting a Cultural Encounters Art Fair at her house she invited the group to bring artwork and other cultural treasures and provided much of the goods herself. All International Neighbors’ members were invited to come and shop as well as Martha’s entire neighborhood. All proceeds benefited International Neighbors and it was a great success.

Cultural Encounters organizers

Members at the IN Arts Fair, October 2021

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