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President's Letter

Dear International Neighbors members, board, group leaders and committee leads:

When I was asked to be president of International Neighbors (IN), I agreed to do it for

one year since I had just retired formally from a development and fundraising career.

Five years later, I am stepping down, and a new president will be voted on in May. I am

confident the new officers will do a great job. I stayed these five years because of the

support I received and my belief in the mission of IN. I am so proud to have carried on

the legacy of our founding mothers, who realized a brilliant vision for the group in 1958.

In reflecting on my experience at IN, I would like to acknowledge what a privilege it has

been to work with such amazing board members and group leaders. Your insight, your

creativity, and your passion have been inspiring.

As were many other organizations, IN was greatly affected by the pandemic. My…how

the world has changed. Those years have proven to be the most trying of them all.

However, I have been amazed by the resiliency, commitment, and perseverance of our

members, the IN Day committee, and the board and their determination to continue to


It has truly been a privilege to lead and represent this organization. I offer my gratitude

to the group leaders and committee members, who make a difference in the lives of so

many hundreds of women from around the globe.

I look forward to the next phase of my life: spending more time traveling to see family

and visit other countries, finishing my children’s book, and tapping deep into my creative

side. While I am sad to be leaving this role that I have cherished, I am excited to see

what the new leadership will accomplish for IN. We are on a roll.

We have accomplished good things together, including a wonderful new website and a

fresh look at involving more of the community via social networking and outreach

presentations. I know IN will continue to welcome new generations that reflect diversity

and inclusiveness.

Looking back on my time at IN, I believe today we are stronger with a clear direction

and an exciting future. I leave with a strong sense of optimism. I will continue to hold a

special place in my heart for International Neighbors and will remain a member and

Let’s Make Music group leader.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the honor of working with you.

Andra Bostian-Ferguson,

President, International Neighbors

Let's Make Music Group singing at an event in the Peony Garden

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