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Recipe for Getting Through a Cold Winter!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

By Martha B.

“Winter is a subtle nudge to remind us to reflect on our lives. Though we are surrounded by the chill in the air, it is also an exercise in cleansing. With each snowfall, we are given a clean slate with the innocence and beauty the white powder brings.” –Mark A. Leon, Los Alamos Daily Post, 12/31/21

Recipe for getting through a cold Michigan winter:

  1. Connect by phone, letter or email with friends near and far;

  2. Go through old photographs:

  3. Discover a book, especially one you have been meaning to read for a while;

  4. Wear comfortable clothing like warm socks or warm slippers. Pay particular attention to keeping your feet warm.

  5. Sit in front of a fire in a real fireplace (if you are lucky enough to have one!)

OR, alternately, watch this YouTube fire, complete with crackling noises:

While watching the fire, be sure to pop some popcorn in a popper or, if you do not have a popper, microwave popcorn will do nicely, thank you!

Think spring and start checking the days off your calendar! Remember that, by the time this is published, the first day of Spring will be less than 42 days away!

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