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April Newsletter

Welcome to the International Neighbors April Newsletter!

This month we are celebrating what makes us unique - our ethnic identity and our culture.

From the beginning of civilization, people have worn garments and adorned their bodies not just to fight the inclement weather, but to send a message to others about who they are: their gender, their social status, their culture, their family and sometimes even their religion or their profession. All of these coded messages are transmitted by details like the material the garments and adornments are made of, their color and shape. The way they are worn and on what occasion they are worn also sends out information about the wearer.

During the IN Day this month, we will try to read all those cues and learn more about each other through the garments our membership will wear for us. Come share your culture with us on April 18, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm, at the Zion Lutheran Church (See more details below).

Meanwhile, we have much more to inform you about this month:

At the 65th Annual Membership Meeting, last year

Save the date, sign up and buy your ticket for the Annual Membership Meeting & Lunch coming up on May 16. We are going to have our meeting at The Venue Restaurant in Ann Arbor and tickets will cover the meal, dessert, water, coffee and tea. Other beverages will be available for an extra charge. We are busy planning the event and we ask you to R.S.V.P. by signing up to the event by April 30. Bring your friends! Follow the link to sign up today!

Frankie among other Founding Mothers at last year's meeting

Last year, Frankie Simonds helped us organize the 65th Annual Membership Meeting. Robyn writes a Tribute to the (Almost) Unstoppable Frankie Simonds. It was a delight getting to know her and we will miss her!

Melissa has great news about Hiking Groups: We have two groups going strong and one group restarting this month. Get more information and sign up for them here!

At the FoolMoon event

We had two Pop-up events this month and we have pictorials for those who missed it: Festifools and FoolMoon.

Are you feeling FOMO? If so, you shouldn’t even read about the wonderful Persian New Year Celebration (Nowruz) we had last month. We had a presentation about the Haft-sin table, dances and food, of course! So much food! And we have the photos and video to prove it!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Come participate in our next event! See you there!

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