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Feeling Grateful

by Marcy

Thanksgiving is a time for remembering our good fortune and giving thanks. It’s easy to take the comfort of our lives for granted. Reminders of how difficult life might be confront us unexpectedly, perhaps through observing the financial struggles of friends or by witnessing the terrible misfortunes of strangers on news broadcasts. We are accustomed to having what we need in our daily lives. We take our good health for granted until unexpectedly a friend develops a serious illness that threatens to take his or her life or we ourselves face an unexpected physical challenge. It’s often in seeing the difficulties others face that we are reminded of our own good fortune. Inevitably at times we may also struggle with feelings of sadness or frustration. We find support through connecting with family and friends as well as by engaging in meaningful activities. I feel grateful for the security of my life, but one thing stands out for me - the kindness that others have shown me. Above all I remember and cherish the good will of others.

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