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Neighbors Follow Up Committee

By Carole

I.  Membership

Prior to the Fall mailing, we updated the lists so Janine had the most recent information.  The members whose mail was returned and had problems were deleted.

Since August 2023, 63 new members joined.  According to the lists from December 2023, we currently have about 177 Newcomers and about 468 Neighbors, for a total of 645 members.  We have ladies from approximately 81 countries.  Newcomers are from 16 countries and Neighbors are from 81 countries.

The group leaders were asked to submit their lists again this year, to give us an approximate idea of how many members signed-up for our groups.  According to the information I received to date from the 13 groups and 6 International Days, 323 are active or signed-up for groups/activities and 277 attended the 6 International Days (that I have information on).  So, we have 600 who participated in those groups/activities.

It continues to be a challenge to follow the membership.  Many envelopes were returned with incorrect addresses and most were deleted from the membership list.  There were fewer returned than last year. With our final meeting at Janine's this month, hopefully the list will be further updated so even fewer will be returned and deleted after the mailing in late August.

I hope to place an announcement in the May Newsletter (as well as on our Facebook page) asking members to update their information, especially where we have no countries or mailing addresses.  It is hoped we will get responses from this announcement!  This information will be especially necessary when we have the new list of Graduates who will be getting the fall mailing.

II.  Graduates

It has been decided that the Graduates will be included/contacted with the pink sheet fall mailing this year.

III.  Next Year's Goals

It is again hoped that there will be more contact with the Neighbors who have been here more than 6 months (following up on their progress).  Furthermore, it is hoped that we will be able to continue to update information about our members, especially the Newcomers.

If information on countries is desired, we'd be happy to put that list together to be distributed at a later date.

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