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By Adrienne

Adrienne, Veronica and Dale at the October Halloween Party

The secretary attended all Board meetings except December when Dale kindly recorded the Minutes. Board meetings were held in person. Copies of the corrected Minutes of the monthly Board meetings, including Board members’ monthly reports, were shared via Google Drive with the Board and Emeritus before the next monthly meeting.


The secretary attended the fall Open House and International Days with the exception of December when she was in New Zealand.


The secretary maintained a file of International Neighbors materials to be deposited in the Bentley Library. Board Minutes from 2023-24 and Minutes of the Annual Meeting will also be deposited with the Bentley Library on a thumb drive. The secretary ensured that the new website had been electronically captured by the Bentley Library.

The secretary uploaded missing job descriptions to Google Drive and asked relevant coordinators to give feedback on updates.

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