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March Newsletter

Welcome to March and spring! Spring officially begins on March 19, but  if you’re new to Michigan you should know that March and April can be cruel – spring one day, summer the next, and then back to winter! It’s still a great season, a time of greening and colorful flowers amidst the occasional snowstorm!

Spring seems to be a time for celebration, and IN offers a wonderful opportunity at March IN Day, March 21. We will be celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year.  The IN Day Committee has organized a wonderful day for us. There will be Persian food, music and dancing. Mojgan gives us an introduction to the Holiday in Nowruz.

Robyn recounts our last IN Day in Winter Welcome. Attendees enjoyed High Tea at a number of tables hosted by different IN groups. It was indeed a very special day!

Robyn also writes about yet another very special day in Cultural Encounters. The group was hosted by a new member, Mika and treated to a celebration of the Japanese Doll Festival, Hinamatsuri, with a Japanese lunch, a mini fashion show, and a tea tasting.

If you’re looking to make some special days of your own, Shirley has compiled a list of things to do in the area in What to Do in Ann Arbor. The list includes everything from concerts to hikes to museums. 

Carole reminds us of another special outing this month – the 50th annual Powwow. This is the biggest powwow in the country. It will be held at Skyline High, March 23-24. I’ve been before, and it is truly spectacular.

Finally, Shirley tells us about two fun parades in early April in FoolMoon and Festifool. 

Enjoy spring! And don’t forget IN Day on March 21.


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