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Welcome to the November Newsletter!

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

For many years IN commemorated Thanksgiving with a big, wonderful potluck feast. Each member would bring a dish to be shared and dishes varied from real turkey to tofurkey, green beans and cranberry sauce, to samosas and sushi. We haven’t had an in-person party of this magnitude for some time due to the pandemic, but this month we are bringing it back. “A Taste of Thanksgiving” is our IN Day this month. We will again enjoy wonderful food potluck style. It is Thanksgiving and we are glad and grateful to share whichever food our members bring. We will also take our time, during the meeting, to congratulate and thank our new Graduates - our Newcomers who have just become new Neighbors.

You can find the invitation for the November IN Day - A Taste of Thanksgiving here!

Read more about Newcomers, Neighbors and Graduates here in IN, in Carole’s article “Congratulations Graduates!!”

If you feel you need a refresher of American etiquette for social gatherings or to understand what is expected in a potluck, read Melissa’s “Social Gatherings”.

Marcy writes about “Feeling Grateful” - the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

You have seen lately, all the Podcasts and apps that help you lead a more grateful life. Martha writes why the latest research shows that being grateful is good for you in “Giving Thanks is Good for Your Health and Wellbeing”.

Building an enjoyable and healthy habit is what Gina did when she moved here and visited the “Ann Arbor Farmers Market”. Gina gives us an overview of the market in her article and her video.

Like the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, the Library is another source for cultivating enjoyment in your life. If you think books and DVDs are all that the Library is about, Shirley points out that is just the tip of the iceberg. Libraries nowadays offer so much, much more! Check out “Library Services” for more details.

We are very sorry to inform you of the passing of one of our Founding Mothers - Mary Munson. I had the privilege to be in the same Tea Group as Mary, an energetic and friendly lady who gave all of herself in all she did. Here, I write on behalf of IN when I say that we are very grateful for all Mary has done for IN, for all the members she has helped, in the 60 or so years she was a member of this organization. Sharon H., the leader of the Angell Tea Group, writes more about “Mary Munson”.

Finally, we would like to remind our members that International Neighbors has a new website. We are asking ALL of you to register on our new website. We hope you will do this in the next month so that by December you will all be in the new system.

If you do not register in the new website by then, we will be deleting you from the database and you will not be getting the Newsletter or any other correspondence.

Please go to our new web address: and register today! If you have questions on how to register, you can find a how-to guide here.

Thank you so much for your attention to this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to:

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